BRMHS Wins 1st Place at the 2024 Louisiana Region VII Science & Enginerring Fair

BRMHS Wins 1st Place at the 2024 Louisiana Region VII Science & Enginerring Fair

Congratulations to the students who placed at the Regional Science Fair at LSU on Friday. Baton Rouge Magnet High School took home 1st place for the school with the overall highest score. The top 3 places for individual projects went to 3 of our students. Here are the top awards:

1st overall Tejas Tyagi

2nd overall Sofia Zhu

3rd overall Abinav Pathak

All 3 of them were invited to participate in the International Science Fair in Los Angeles. 

Below are the other award winners:

Nora Beierlain 2nd Animal Sciences

Brian Bui 1st Physics

Karmen Cheng 4th Biochemistry

Nora Corbin 3rd Comp Bio

Sarah Ebenezar 4th Biochemistry

Kareem Elseifi 1st Earth and Environmental

Sameen Enam 1st Biomedical Engineering

Kelly Fan 1st Translational Med

Ryan Feng, Joshua Shin, Dhruva Sonti 1st Math

Rishabh Gala 2nd Math

Varun Gala 3rd Robotics

Mathias Gomez 1st Engineering Tech

Caleb Gosserand 2nd Energy: Sustainable Materials

Michael Juneau 1st Embedded Systems

Aliye Kizilkaya 1st Chemistry

Amelie Kutter 3rd Plant Sciences

Nicole Le Bourgeois 1st Energy: Sustainable Materials

Cecily Lu 3rd Materials Science

Neha Mothilal 1st Robotics

Ben Namikas 2nd Systems Software

Ryan Nguyen 2nd Engineering Tech

Ellie Overton 4th Animal Sciences

Abinav Pathak 1st Biochemistry

Vijay Penumarthy 2nd Translatinal Med

Cadie Perret 2nd Behavioral Science

Mohammad Qalandari 4th Systems Software

Abby Qi 2nd Microbiology

Vicky Qiu 4th Chemistry

Sohan Reddy 4th Earth and Environmental

Lukas Schwehm 4th Microbiology

Amaan Shafi 1st Microbiology

Ryan Shen 2nd Environmental Engineering

Aadi Singh 4th Computional Bio

Tejas Tyagi 1st Cellular and Molecular

Hashim Usman 2nd Plant Science

Brianna Warren 4th Energy: Sustainable Materials

Laurel Williams 1st Biomedical Health

Ahan Zaman 2nd Cellular and Molecular

Sofia Zhu 1st Systems Software

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